About the Care Team

The Care Team meets weekly, and is designed to address concerning student behaviors and coordinate student care.  Focused on student safety and support, the team consists of professionals from across campus.  The Care Team includes representation from offices such as: Residence Life, Counseling Center, Student Health Service, University Police and Safety Office, Student Success Programs, TRIO, Disability Services, and Student Case Management, Dean of Students Office. 

The Care Team also partners and consults with other campus offices and local agencies as appropriate. Some students may be appropriate for Case Management Services. The Care Team referral form may also be used to refer a student for Student Case Management. Case Management is a method of providing services where a licensed social worker works with the student to assess their needs that may be presenting barriers to their success at NDSU. When appropriate, the case manager will work with the student to arrange, coordinate, monitor, evaluate, advocate, and connect students to services on and off campus. 

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