Future Students

We offer one of the best educations available at a great price.

Why Choose NDSU?

There is no single engineering program that is best for everyone but we believe our department has traits that make us stand out as one of the best:

  • A reputation for teaching great engineers
  • Small student to faculty ratio
  • Above average scores on national tests
  • Good value (quality of education/cost)
  • High standards of admission
  • Courses offered in person and online

Students are also encouraged to develop an individual program of study in close consultation with their advisers. We offer several areas of specialization including:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Communications and Signal Processing
  • Computer Architecture and Very-Large-Scale Integration
  • Control Engineering
  • Cyber Physical and Embedded Systems
  • Electromagnetics and Optics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Power/Energy and Power Electronics

Plus, every major in the College of Engineering concludes with a capstone experience. These courses draw upon your entire education and immerse you in engaging projects, typically sponsored by actual business and industry clients.

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Our Programs

Computer Engineering

Computer engineers work on both hardware and software aspects of computer systems. Students take essential electrical engineering classes along with specialized classes in computer engineering and computer science.

Demand for computer engineers is strong due to the growing use of computers in all products and the need for engineers competent with computers in both hardware and software. Learn more.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers design systems and solve problems relating to all aspects of electricity - from production and storage to transmission to use in computer systems.

The profession is broad, encompassing products valued by society in many technical specialties. Learn more.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is concerned with the application of systematic, disciplined, and quantifiable approaches to the development and maintenance of software systems.

Our program offers two tracks of study. The Systems Programming track focuses on embedded systems while the Applications Development track centers on methodologies, techniques, and tools to manage the software development life cycle. Learn more.



Top Facilities

The engineering complex contains state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment and helps us provide hands-on learning solving real-world problems. Numerous grants and donations from the National Science Foundation and private industry have provided valuable tools supporting our mission of education and research.

Find Your Path

We offer several areas of specialization that allow you to pursue your specific interests. Our students are encouraged to develop and individual program of study in close consultation with their advisers and may mix and match from several technical areas.

Get a Job

Our graduates are working all over the world in a variety of exciting jobs at excellent salaries. An engineering education also provides excellent training for fields other than engineering such as business, medicine or law. Since engineers are problem solvers, there is a constant demand for engineers to solve problems outside typical engineering fields.

Affordable Excellence

We offer affordable access to an excellent education at a top-ranked research university. You will have access to modern laboratories and equipment, learn to use engineering software used by companies around the world and be taught by faculty who are leaders in their field.

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Earn While You Learn

The Cooperative Education Program allows students to alternate classroom study with a series of paid professional work experiences related to electrical and computer engineering. These experiences increase in complexity as the student's background increases.

The program provides opportunity for:

  • Pre-graduation experience in the profession
  • Exploration of several career opportunities
  • Money for education
  • An enriched degree
  • Enhanced opportunities for employment following graduation.

The NDSU Experience

We want you to thrive inside and outside of the classroom.

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