Cadence University Program Member

The ECE Department acknowledges the generous support of Cadence Design Systems through their university program.

Research Projects:

  • Silicon-based (CMOS/SiGe) Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) for Communication Radar, Communication and Biomedical Sensors
  • Asynchronous Logic designs
  • Novel Memory Designs
  • VLSI designs
  • Power management IC Designs


  • Integrated Circuits (ECE 721): Introduction to CMOS Analog Design, Basic MOS device physics, Use of commercial CAD tool Cadence for simulation and layout, Single/multi-stage Amplifiers and Frequency Response, Feedback Circuits, Oscillators, PLL, CMOS processing, layout and packaging.
  • VLSI Design (ECE423/623): Introduction to CMOS Digital Integrated Circuit Design, CMOS manufacturing process and MOS device (diode, transistors) physics, Use of commercial CAD tool Cadence for simulation and layout, CMOS Inverter (static behavior, dynamic behavior, power/energy), Combinational logic gates (static, dynamic) in CMOS, Designing sequential logic circuits in CMOS, Chip level design consideration with the effects of Interconnects.
  • Wireless IC Design (ECE722): Basic concepts of wireless IC design. Various radio transceiver architectures and its application. Design of CMOS radio transceiver circuit blocks. Hands on experience on IC design & layout using industry-based chip design software Cadence.

Important Setting of Cadence:


  1. To run Cadence, follow the instructions below from within your project's (working) directory.
  2. 'cd' to your project directory.
  3. Copy the example files from the above location. (.cdsenv, cds.lib, display.drf, .cdsinit)
  4. Run the command $ source ./.bashrc
  5. Run the command $ virtuoso -64 &


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