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Sixteen Lessons now in The Ashes of Spent Affirmations

The beautiful lessons found on this page previously are now available as a publication with additional musings through Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon's publishing outlet. The publication is called, "The Ashes of Spent Affirmations," and is published by Pensive Muse Books.

Other Publications from Pensive Muse Books by Ganapathy Mahalingam

A Forehead Blow: an anthology of verse

Poetry is the language of the muse...once described as listening to the footsteps of invisible allows us to empathize with complex emotions and thoughts in a compact and musical use of language. This anthology spans poetry composed by the author spanning over four decades...from the early musings of a schoolboy discovering English the brooding rumination of an adolescent discovering powerful, stirring the mature serenity of a sophisticated flow of thought that comes with a ripening of experience. Offered in the spirit of empathy and sharing, it is meant to evoke like experiences and the poignant beauty of parallel journeys.

Tractatus Architectus in Two Hundred Tweets

Using the compact format of a tweet as a vehicle, this tract presents a distillation of beliefs and propositions about Architecture, for each aspiring young architect to explicate and build upon.

A Catharsis of Creative Cathexes: Prelude to a Rebirth

Ever since we are born, we are are constantly seeking to release our creative energies by cathecting them to objects, people and ideas. This outpouring of creativity amasses numerous artefacts that we are intimately associated with, As we progress through life. In the later stages of life, we are faced with all that we have cathected, and yearn for a catharsis of our creativity that will purify us and enable us to create anew. Sometimes all we seek is the silence of this purity that is available to our minds, when we are free from all that we have made. This book chronicles one such journey as it approaches the prospect of creative rebirth.

Ashtastambha: Eight Pillars of Hindutva for the 21st Century

Taking a cue from the seminal work on Hindutva by Vinayak Damodar (Veer) Savarkar, this concise book provides eight Pillars of Hindutva for the 21st Century that rival the five pillars of Islam as a unifying belief system and enables a people to establish and preserve their legacy. The book presents a moderate, compassionate voice that focuses on the essence of being a Hindu and is divested of any notion of nation building.

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