Faculty and Research

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Animal Sciences

Lauren Hanna [ lauren.hanna@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: quantitative genetics; animal breeding; whole system approaches to genomic associations of quantitative traits [ website ]

Microbiological Sciences

Samat Amat [ samat.amat@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: leveraging livestock microbiomes to improve nutrition and animal health
Samiran Banerjee [ samiran.banerjee@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: effect of intensive management practices on soil- and plant microbiomes in agricultural systems
Glenn Dorsam [ glenn.dorsam@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: epigenetic regulation
Barney Geddes [ barney.geddes@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: microbial genomics
John McEvoy [ John.Mcevoy@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: parasitology; environmental microbiology
Birgit Pruess [ birgit.pruess@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: bacterial physiology; biofilm biology; food safety

Plant Pathology

Thomas Baldwin [ thomas.t.baldwin@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: genetics of virulence,molecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions, RNA interference
Malaika Ebert [ malaika.ebert@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: pathogens that infect dry beans and pulse crops
Upinder Gill [ upinder.gill@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: developing rust resistant cereal and pulse crops; genetics of plant disease (rust) resistance; molecular host-pathogen interactions; host and pathogen genomics; effectors identification and characterization; functional genomics and genome-editing
Zhaohui Liu [ zhh.liu@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: fungal pathogenesis; genetics of resistance [ website ]
Jack Rasmussen [ jack.rasmussen@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: genetics and molecular biology of plant disease and plant disease resistance
Shaobin Zhong [ shaobin.zhong@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: fusarium head blight (FHB) of wheat; plant-fungal interactions in cereal crops [ website ]

Plant Sciences

Nonoy Bandillo [ nonoy.bandillo@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: plant breeding; quantitative genetics
Bingcan Chen [ bingcan.chen@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: impact of food processing on aroma development; fabrication of multi-functional food biopolymers; metal–organic materials from natural products. plant oil innovation and application; lipid oxidation in food systems
Mike Christoffers [ michael.christoffers@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests:
Wenhao Dai
[ wenhao.dai@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: woody plant physiology and biotechnology; plant tissue culture and biotechnology; fruit crop production; woody plant propagation and production; plant molecular biology and genetics; regulation of plant growth and development
Andrew J. Green [ andrew.j.green@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: wheat breeding
Rich Horsley [ richard.horsley@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: the determination of the genetic basis of malt quality in closely related lines to identify DNA fingerprints that differentiate cultivars for specific brewer’s needs
Xuehui Li [ xuehui.li@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: traditional quantitative genetics, molecular marker development; QTL and association mapping; gene expression profiling; high-throughput SNP genotyping; and recently genotyping-by-sequencing as a means of conducting genomic selection
Phil McClean [ phillip.mcclean@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: dry bean genetics; biotechnology
Carrie Miranda [ carrie.miranda@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: plant breeding; soybeans
Md Mukhlesur Rahman [ md.m.rahman@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: canola; flax; breeding; genetics; genomics
Juan Osorno [ juan.osorno@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: plant breeding/genetics; plant science and agronomy
Jiajia Rao [ jiajia.rao@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: food chemistry; ingredient technology
Kalidas Shetty [ kalidas.shetty@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: metabolic innovations to regulate plant redox responsive secondary metabolites and their microbiome-based bio-transformations for climate resilient agriculture, food systems and has relevance to solutions to global public health challenges[ website ]
Asunta (Susie) Thompson [ asunta.thompson@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: potato breeding
Minwei Xu [ minwei.xu@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: food processing; plant-based meat and milk; upcycling cereal processing byproducts; computational simulation of food processing

School of Natural Resource Sciences

Travis Seaborn [  travis.seaborn@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: conservation genetics; ecology 


College of Engineering

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Igathinathane Cannayen [ i.cannayen@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: biomass preprocessing; agricultural engineering
Sulaymon Eshkabilov [ sulaymon.eshkabilov@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: system modeling and control applications of dynamic systems; machine learning applications in additive manufacturing and image analysis; vibrations; mechatronic system development; hyperspectral image processing; applications of digital hydraulic cylinders
Paulo Flores [ paulo.flores@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: precision agriculture; unmanned aerial systems; imagery analysis [ website ]
Xin(Rex) Sun [ xin.sun@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: precision agriculture; artificial intelligence; robotics; automation and remote sensing in agriculture; technologies for improving crop; livestock and food production [ website ]

Computer Science

Anne Denton [ anne.denton@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: data mining; bioinformatics; scientific informatics; databases; geospatial data; cloud computing [ website ]
Lu Liu [ lu.liu.2@ndsu.edu ]  Research Interests: bioinformatics; data mining; machine learning; data science
Saeed Salem [ saeed.salem@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: Bioinformatics; Data Mining [ website ]
Vasant Ubhaya [ vasant.ubhaya@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: Algorithm Analysis; Approximation and Optimization [ website ]
Changhui Yan [ changhui.yan@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: Bioinformatics; Computational Biology; Genomics; Machine Learning; Data Mining; Big Data; Cloud Computing


College of Health Professions

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Roberto Gomes [ roberto.gomes@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: enantioselective synthesis; development of novel small molecules, nucleotides and antibodies; tumor-targeting strategy using enediones engineered with cytotoxic moiety/NIR probes in cancer therapy; development of new NIR fluorescent probe-therapeutic agent conjugate triggered by the acid pH of the environment of the tumor cell for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and molecular drug discovery of Proteolysis Targeting Chimeric (PROTAC) based prototype; computational chemistry
Ang Guo [ ang.guo@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: molecular and cellular mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases

Public Health

Rick Jansen [ rick.jansen@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: genomics and epigenomics, deep learning models
Leslie A. Laam [ leslie.laam@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: data-driven operational decision-making for clinical processes, data analysis with clinical data from EHR, biostatistics


College of Science and Mathematics

Biological Sciences

Laura Aldrich-Wolfe [ laura.aldrichwolfe@ndsu.eduResearch Interests: metabarcoding and bioinformatics pipelines to examine the fungal communities associated with plants in both natural and agricultural environments [ Life Below Ground]

Julia Bowsher [ julia.bowsher@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: evolution; developmental physiology; insects [ website ]
Katie Reindl [ katie.reindl@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: cancer cell biology; cancer prevention and treatment; evaluating bioactive food components
Sarah Signor [ sarah.signor@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: [ website ] evolutionary biology, gene expression
Steve Travers [ steveBn.travers@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: botany; evolutionary ecology; climate change; phenology [ website ]

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Svetlana Kilina [ svetlana.kilina@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: computational chemistry, quantum-classical non-adiabatic (NA) dynamics 


Artem Novozhilov [ artem.novozhilov@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: mathematical modeling of various evolutionary processes


Bong-Jin Choi [ bongjin.choi@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: computational statistics; biostatistics; data science; predictive modeling; data linkage; big health care data; insurance claims data; applied machine learning; public health research

Megan Orr [ megan.orr@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: gene expression analysis; high-dimensional data analysis; multiple testing; public health; cancer
Mingao Yuan [ mingao.yuan@ndsu.edu ] Research Interests: network analysis; big data analysis; statistical machine learning


U.S. Department of Agriculture

Agriculture Research Service

Munevver Dogramaci [ munevver.dogramaci@usda.gov ] Research Interests: plant physiology; genetics; omics; systems biology; molecular biology [ website ]
Justin Faris [ justin.faris@usda.gov ] Research Interests: wheat genetics; disease resistance; wheat genomics; domestication; evolution [ website ]
Jason Fiedler [ jason.fiedler@usda.gov ] Research Interests: bioinformatics; big data mining/analysis; synthetic biology; chemical biology; protein engineering; nanotechnology [ website ]
Timothy Friesen [ timothy.friesen@usda.gov ] Research Interests: effector biology; plant microbe interactions; fungal pathogenesis; fungal genetics [ website ]
Rajeev Gupta [rajeev.gupta@usda.govResearch Interests: wheat genetics; disease and pest resistance; wheat genomics [website]
David Horvath [ david.horvath@usda.gov ] Research Interests: microarray analysis; gene expression; plant stress physiology [ website ]
Raj Nandety [ raja.nandety@usda.gov ] Research Interests: genomics; plant biology; molecular biology; plant pathology; bioinformatics [ website ]
Shengming Yang [ shengming.yang@usda.govResearch Interests: barley molecular genetics; barley-pathogen interactions [ website ]

Nathan Wyatt [ nathan.wyatt@usda.govResearch Interests:  molecular markers for pest and disease resistance in sugarbeets, pathogen/host/environment interactions [ website ]

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