The Genomics, Phenomics and Bioinformatics (GPB) program is an interdisciplinary graduate program that spans multiple colleges at NDSU. The program offers Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in three program areas: functional genomics, phenomics and bioinformatics.

The Vision:

The vision of the GPB program is to provide a customized educational framework that enables students to use a broad array of knowlege and apply it to large data sets to address complex biological problems.

Program Outcomes:

On successful completion of this program, students will

  1. develop advanced expertise in the fields of functional genomics, high-throughput phenotyping, bioinformatics, and computational biology.
  2. master computational and statistical techniques essential for analyzing genomic, phenomic, proteomic, and metabolomic data.
  3. master multi-omics approaches, enabling seamless integration of diverse biological data types to drive scientific breakthroughs.
  4. be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned in this program to conduct cutting-edge research in many frontiers.
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