2023-2024 Membership

Unit | Representing
Canan Bilen-Green, Co-Chair, Vice Provost Faculty and Equity
Phil Hunt, Co-Chair, Registrar and Special Assistant to the President
Sheri Anderson, Strategic Research Initiatives | RCA
Ashley Baggett, History, Philosophy and Religious Studies | CAHSS
Erin Bahr, Human Resources | HR
Neely Benton, Graduate School | Grad School
Emily Berg, Institutional Research and Analysis |OIRA
Erika Berg, Animal Sciences | CAFSNR
Mark Coppin, Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources | CADR
Andrew Croll, Physics | CSM
Ramona Danielson, Public Health |CHP
Heather Gades, Graduate Student | Student Government
Rajani Ganesh Pillai, Management and Marketing | CBus
Jolie Graybill, Libraries | NDSU Libraries
Colleen Heimstead, Athletics | NDSU Athletics
Heather Higgins-Dochtermann, Equal Opportunity and Title IX Compliance | EO & TIX
Kayla Jones, Undergraduate Student | President
Alex Lau, Career and Advising | Career and Advising
Seinquis Leinen, Admission | Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Simone Ludwig, Computer Science | CEng
Sijo Mathew, School of Pharmacy | Faculty Senate
Larry Napoleon, School of Education
Julie Nash, Faculty Affairs | Faculty Diversity and Development
Briana Nguyen, Undergraduate Student | Student Body President
Kristine Paranica, Ombud | Provost
Allyson Peterson, NDSU Foundation | NDSU Foundation
Jennifer Quenette, University Police and Safety Office | Finance
Joshua Schroetter, Technical Services | Staff Senate
Kristi Steinmann, Information Technology | IT
Levi Tronnes, TRIO |TRIO
Jaclynn Wallette, Multicultural Programs | OMP
Ron Werner-Wilson, Human Sciences and Education |CHSE
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