Advancing Inclusion Award

North Dakota State University’s core values reflect our commitment to engaging diversity in its many manifestations; academic, intellectual, cultural, ideological, personal, ethnic, experiential, and others. Not only do our values lead us to strive to be a place in which differences co-exist and mutually inform our growth into the future; but as a Bison family, we are committed to being a place in which all truly belong together. This collective project to build a culture of universal belonging is the work of inclusion. 

The Faculty Affairs and Equtiy office, in collaboration with the PCDIR, awards the Advancing Inclusion Award annually to an NDSU department, committee, group, or unit that has worked collaboratively to promote an inclusive culture by enhancing or contributing to the overall environment of the community or university. The award recognizes the implementation of practices, programs, procedures, and similar actionable processes which result in a mutually identified sense of belonging and thriving for all people across any number of axes of diversity including: race, class, sex, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, religion, age, and veteran status among others. 

Specific areas of contribution the award recognizes includes:

Institutional Commitment - Creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, respected, and safe.

Learning and Pedagogy - Developing learning environments and curricula that guide students, faculty, and staff to think critically about issues of equity in the classroom and beyond.

Research and Creative Activity - Engaging in research and/or creative activity that ethically and intentionally engages multiple perspectives and/or a diversity of people in all parts of the process (i.e. planning, methods, assessment/analysis, and dissemination).

Recruitment and Retention of Historically Underrepresented Students, Faculty, and Staff - Increasing and retaining historically underrepresented populations among faculty, staff, students, and administrators. Embracing the complexity of multiplicity by ensuring the implementation of equitable practices in recruitment and retention efforts.

Inter-group and Intra-group Relations - Celebrating human diversity and recognizing socially constructed differences through initiatives that encourage and support the continuing interaction of diverse cultures in ways that transcend tolerance.


All NDSU departments, committees, student groups, units, etc., are eligible for this nomination.


The recipients will be assessed on ways in which they demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • Commitment to the spirit of inclusion.
  • Leadership through positive and collaborative interaction among all persons across a diversity of identities and backgrounds.
  • Behavior that illustrates commitment to a culture of belonging and inclusion of all, particularly attuned to the experience/reality of those who are members of traditionally under-represented group.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be made by any student, staff, faculty, or administrator and will be reviewed by members of the Advancing Inclusion Selection Committee.

Nomination deadline September 9, 2022.

Questions about the nomination process can be directed to Julie Nash, (701) 231-6653 or

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