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Spring 2001

Vol. 01, No. 2


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Editor's Note

A television chef of some renown often tells his audience he wants someone to invent smell-a-vision. In the same way he wishes his viewers could smell the food, I very much want to send you more than paper. In this issue, for example, is a photograph of the Concert Choir under the direction of Jo Ann Miller. The photograph is well done, technically and compositionally impressive, a very good display in two dimensions. But, oh, if you could hear them sing. The choir is a lovely example of the pleasant frustration of working in print. It's like showing people your vacation pictures. The Eiffel Tower is a lot taller than this, you say of your tiny snapshot. Please know that behind every photo and article and layout, the complexity and beauty are greater than we can show.

Thank you for reading.

Laura McDaniel

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.