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Vol. 06, No. 2


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My husband, Anthony, and I have enjoyed receiving and reading the NDSU magazine. You always have such interesting stories. It is a story from the recent issue that prompted me to write this letter. The article by Laura Oster-Aaland was simply outstanding.

Laura and I have been friends for a number of years, and we also are former colleagues at NDSU. My praise of the article, however, goes beyond that friendship. Laura's article was so personal and reflective, and her words articulated very clearly her passion for her work. It seems to me that often we know "what" people are doing, but not necessarily "why." Laura took a risk in sharing her personal story and motivations, but what better way is there to connect the personal and professional parts of ourselves. Laura is an exemplary model of this.

As a friend, I feel like Laura revealed a lot of herself in the article, and I got to know her a little bit better by reading it. As a fellow higher education administrator, Laura's words reminded me of the importance of reflecting on what we do, and the reasons why.

Shari Elllertson

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.