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ESPN Gameday

ESPN GameDay rocks
downtown Fargo

You may have heard about this, it was a pretty big deal: ESPN College GameDay brought its very popular three-hour show to Fargo a few weeks ago.

If you're not a sports fan, or not a sports fan of this level, it might help to know that only three other schools at NDSU's level in football have ever hosted, the last one was in 2008.

They set up in downtown Fargo, on Broadway with the Fargo Theater sign perfectly in the backdrop. It took several semis full of equipment and two days to set up for the big show. There were two stages at the corner of Broadway and Third. Four ESPN anchors used the north stage for much of the show, and they did interviews on the south one, so fans could fill both ends of the street. And people were everywhere, hanging out of apartment windows and lining rooftops, holding up fun signs and having a blast.

The biggest moment seemed like it would be when the football coach was driven through the wildly adoring crowd in a golf cart for an interview, but that excitement was eclipsed by the dramatic finale. It's a tradition for the anchor named Lee Corso to put on the mascot head of the team he thinks will win the game that day, but this time he took it to another level - he emerged from the lobby of the Fargo Theater with a live baby bison to indicate his prediction that NDSU's Bison would win.

The baby bison hadn't been given a name - until his national television debut. He is now called Corso, a fitting memento of a big day in the national spotlight.

It sounds like they liked us, and enjoyed learning how we say Bison. They'll be back, soon, if their Tweets after the show are to be believed.


Chris Fowler @cbfowler, 21 Sep
Huge thank you to Fargo and #NDSU for
one of our favorite @CollegeGameDay ever!
Bye-Zun fans are incredible. Love to do it again!

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