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Martin Fredricks photo

martin fredricks has an English degree from NDSU and has had a varied career. First, he was editor of a small-town newspaper, then a congressional staffer, held many roles at public relations agencies, and then owned his own communication consulting business. He was a writer for NDSU in the 1990s, and he returned in December 2014. When he’s not working on stories or social media posts, he and his wife, Cassi, share chauffeur duties, driving their three kids all over the region for activities.

Matt Wagenius photo

matt wagenius is a student at North Dakota State University majoring in public relations and international studies. He is originally from Stillwater, Minnesota, and recently spent a semester in a full-immersion program in the south of France where he desperately missed jumbo portions at 24-hour restaurants. In his free time, Matt works on his creative writing, teaches people how to pronounce his last name and trains hard for marathons (of House of Cards).

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