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students participate in clinton global initiative university
These NDSU students were among 1,000 students at an event called the Clinton Global Initiative University, a program established by former President Bill Clinton to create and implement solutions to the world’s challenges.

Caitlin Johnson presented a project to provide parents of autistic children with an intervention they can use at home.

Alex Koppy and Robbie Suppa (not pictured) co-founded the Mathematical Enthusiasts Society, a group of math and math education students who volunteer as tutors and create a network of math enthusiasts. Drew Spooner, a marketing major, also joined the group.

Dakota Quimby worked on a campaign to shift university dining budgets toward community-based food, and Shehan Navarathne and Danindu Udalamaththa were on a team dealing with a micro-loan system to support international students.

From left to right:
Shehan Navarathne
Caitlin Johnson
Alex Koppy
Drew Spooner
Danindu Udalamaththa
Dakota Quimby

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