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Our courses are taught to the highest standards by highly qualified faculty, researchers and national experts.

Directory - Faculty

Chad Ulven - Professor and Interim Chair

Office: Dolve 111 F
Phone: 701.231.5641
Email: chad.ulven@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Polymer and Polymer Matrix Composite (PMC) Materials, PMC Processing Technologies, Response of PMCs to Dynamic Loading.

Ali Amiri - Associate Professor of Practice

Office: Dolve 102 D
Phone: 701.231.7215
Email: ali.amiri@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Fiber reinforced composite materials, sustainable composite materials for structural applications, nanomaterials and nanotechnology, polymer nanocomposites for structural applications, innovative additive manufacturing of plant-based materials, advanced materials.

Fardad Azarmi (PE) - Professor

Office: Dolve 111 D
Phone: 701.231.9784
Email: fardad.azarmi@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Thermal Spray Coatings, Cold Spraying, High Temperature Materials, Computational and Experimental Solid Mechanics, Advanced Manufacturing.

Jordi Estevadeordal - Professor

Office: Dolve 102 B
Phone: 701.231.9223
Email: jordi.estevadeordal@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Advanced laser techniques, thermo-fluid and spray diagnostics, 3D Particle Image Velocimetry, phosphorescence, infrared thermography, filtered Rayleigh scattering.

Adam Gladen - Associate Professor

Office: Dolve 101 A
Phone: 701.231.7315
Email: adam.c.gladen@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Renewable Energy, Solar Thermal Energy, Energy Storage - in particular Thermochemical Energy Storage, Thermodynamics, Solar Thermochemistry, Heat Transfer, Radiative Transfer in Participating Media, Solar Reactor Design.

Inbae Jeong - Assistant Professor

Office: Dolve 101 C
Phone: 701.231.4937
Email: inbae.jeong@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Long Jiang - Professor

Office: Dolve 207
Phone: 701.231.9512
Email: long.jiang@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Nanoscale Materials Synthesis and Applications, Materials from Renewable Resources, Nanocomposites, Carbonaceous Materials, Polymeric Materials Processing and Functionalization.

Ghodrat Karami - Professor

Office: Dolve 208
Phone: 701.231.5859
Email: g.karami@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Computational Solid Mechanics, Finite and Boundary Elements, Composite Micro and Nanomechanics Analysis, Continuum Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Nonlinear and Large Deformation Analysis, Thermoelastic Analysis.

William Refling - Assistant Professor of Practice

Office: Dolve 101 D
Phone: 701.231.5171
Email: william.refling.2@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration(HVACR) design,  Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Multi-phase flow,  Active flow control, Advanced flow diagnostics, Advanced manufacturing techniques.

Majura Selekwa - Associate Professor

Office: Dolve 101 B
Phone: 701.231.5667
Email: majura.selekwa@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Control Systems, Dynamics, Robotics & Mechatronic Systems.

Prakash Parthiban Selvakumar - Assistant Professor

Office: Ehly 216
Phone: 701.231.7139
Email: prakash.selvakumar@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Biomaterials, Regenerative Medicine, Tissue-engineered vascular grafts, Microvasculature, Decellularized Extracellular Matrix, Bioceramics, Cancer and Vascular Biology.

Yildirim Bora Suzen - Associate Professor

Office: Dolve 102 C
Phone: 701.231.8302
Email: bora.suzen@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Transition and Turbulence Modeling, Turbomachinery, Active/Adaptive Flow Control, High Performance Parallel Computing.

Xiangqing Annie Tangpong - Associate Professor

Office: Dolve 111 C
Phone: 701.231.8839
Email: annie.tangpong@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Vibrations, dynamics and friction: friction-vibration interaction; friction damping in rotating structures; damping in nanocomposites and biomaterials.

Jessica Vold - Assistant Professor, Engr Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Office: Dolve 102 A
Phone: 701.231.5324
Email: jessica.l.vold@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Additive Manufacturing Materials, Polymer Matrix Composites, Torrefaction of Lignocellulosic Materials, Bio-Based Composite Materials, Mechanical Testing, Material Characterization.

Xinnan Wang - Associate Professor

Office: Ehly 214
Phone: 701.231.6696
Email: xinnan.wang@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Synthesis of Nanomaterials, Nanomechanical Characterization, Nanomanipulation; Biomechanics.

Yechun Wang - Associate Professor

Office: Dolve 210
Phone: 701.231.6732
Email: yechun.wang@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Microfluidics, Biofluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Analysis, and Characterization of Organic Coatings. 

Xiangfa Wu - Professor

Office: Dolve 206
Phone: 701.231.8836
Email: xiangfa.wu@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Multifunctional nanofibers and nanocomposites; Polymer matrix composites and adhesively bonded joints; Membrane technology for separation and electrochemical processes; Renewable energy harvesting, conversion and storage; Nanomanufacturing, process modeling and applied mechanics.

Yan Zhang - Associate Professor

Office: Dolve 101 E
Phone: 701.231.9217
Email: yan.zhang.4@ndsu.edu

Research Interests: Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Advanced Flow Diagnostic Techniques, Wind Engineering and Wind Hazard Mitigation, Bio-Fluid Mechanics and Cardiovascular Hemodynamics Modeling.

Directory - Staff

Tanya Erickson - Academic and Student Services Coordinator

Office: Dolve 111
Phone: 701.231.8671
Email: tanya.erickson@ndsu.edu


Tiffany Neuharth - Business Coordinator

Office: Dolve 111 E
Phone: 701.231.9767
Email: tiffany.neuharth@ndsu.edu


Rob Sailer - Senior Test Engineer

Office: Dolve 134A
Phone: 701.231.5347
Email: rob.sailer@ndsu.edu


Francisco Valenzuela - Fabrication Technician

Office: Dolve 126
Phone: 701.231.7201
Email: f.a.valenzuela@ndsu.edu


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