Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Agrotini

Euxoa ochrogaster (Guenée 1852)

Common name: Red-backed cutworm.

Hodges #: 10801.

Identification: Rfw 17.22, a polychromic species see illustrations; hw is darker than most similar species; moths appear in late July, earlier or later than similar congeners. Common to all forms: fw with round orbicular and dark terminal area, vhw with dark subterminal and pale terminal areas. Vesica of male with sub-basal diverticulum round (oblong in most other species).

Similar species: 10726, 10727, 10730, 10731, 10798, 10825.1, 10826, 10863, 10865, 10926,.10978.1, and 11007.

Distribution: Asia, Alaska to Newfoundland southward into northern U.S., south in Rockies to Arizona and New Mexico.

Hosts: Larvae feed on a variety of broad leaf plants and also grasses. The species is economically important on Helianthus annuus (Sunflower).


ND  Cass Co., Fargo.  UV lt. trap.
 25- VII- 1983.  G. Fauske.

ND  Ward Co., Minot,
31- VII- 1985.  G. Fauske..

ND  Cass Co., Fargo.  UV lt. trap. 
25- VII- 1983.  G. Fauske.





Larva of E. ochrogaster-- red backed cutworm; Spring, 2000, pic. J. Knodel.





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