Getting HCM Security Access

Data privacy training is required before requesting access to the HCM environment.

  • Data Privacy Training  The NDUS username and password are the same credentials that you use to log into the Peoplesoft systems (Finance and Campus Connection).
  • Follow these instructions to self enroll in the Data Privacy Training course.
    • Visit NDUS Claim, if you don't know your NDUS username and/or password or if you haven't claimed it yet.

Please have your Dean or Director send an email requesting access

Please include the following information:

  • Full Name including middle initial
  • Campus phone number
  • Campus email
  • Empl ID number
  • Department Number(s)
  • Roles required (See below for a list of available roles)

Available Security Roles

There are varying degrees of security access to the Human Capital Management (HCM) system. Please have your Dean or Director indicate which of the roles below are necessary for you in your position at NDSU.

Role: Department Administration

Ability to access information regarding employees/positions in their department/college:

  • Defining information about departmental positions
  • Job information, including salary, regarding departmental employees
  • Departmental employee leave balances
  • Review the department’s position budget
  • Review the account codes for salary and benefits expenditures used by the department
  • Review employee’s additional pay
  • Review name and address information about departmental employees
  • View employee emergency contact information
  • Run reports

          - HE Actuals: funding sources/accounts for salary/fringe expenses 
          - HE Pay Register 2: review payroll prior to the final calculation
          - Gross and Fringe: funding, fringes, retros

Role: Department Lookup

Access information regarding employees/positions in their department/college:

  • Find each employee’s EmplID
  • View job information, including position number(s), supervisor, location, job family, FTE
Role: Faculty Events

Academic Affairs Department Heads and/or Administrative Support Staff
Employees within this role can access the following information regarding employees/positions in their department/college:

  • View tenure data

PeopleSoft Logins:

Trouble Logging In?

Contact the NDUS Help Desk to submit an online help ticket or call 1-866-457-6387.

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