Helpful Hints from Print and Copy Services

Contact Print and Copy Services at 231-5000 before any big project to get advice that could save you frustration and money. 


  • Create documents as 8½ X 11 pages if they’re being printed as 11 X 17 booklets. Create documents as 5½ X 8½ pages if they’re being printed as 8½ X 11 booklets. However, for a booklet centerfold that spans two pages, create in the full size.
  • To create booklets, make sure the total number of pages, including covers, is divisible by four. Blank pages will be added if needed. Right-hand pages are odd-number pages, and left-hand pages are even-number pages.


  • A “bleed” is when the printing goes off the edge of the paper rather than having a margin. Bleeds usually cost more to print since the pages must be run on larger paper and edges must be trimmed to the finished size. Bleeds must extend at least ¼-inch beyond the cut line.
  • The largest size paper Print and Copy Services can run is 12 X 18, which means the largest size that can be printed with bleeds is an 11 X 17 finished size.


  • Margins need to be at least ¼” from the edge of the paper unless you are printing bleeds.
  • Include the NDSU nondiscrimination statement on all documents for the public. 
  • Use copyrighted information only if you have written permission or the quantity is within fair use guidelines.


  • Color costs more than just black ink, but full color costs the same as one or two colors.
  • Be aware that colors might not be the same printed as what you see on your monitor, especially when printing from Word or Publisher.

Photos and Graphics

  • Low-resolution photos do not print well. Do not include photos or logos copied from websites, unless they’re provided in a high-resolution version (300 dpi for most photos, unless the image is large).
  • Use the appropriate logos from NDSU University Relations.


  • Contact Print and Copy Services before printing or merging anything to be mailed to make sure the documents avoid as much labor as possible and meet Postal Service discounts.
  • Provide electronic files of addresses rather than printed labels so they can be run through software to provide corrections and discounts.
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