Plant Article Ornamentals

By Nana Agyekum

Plant Science 211, Fall 2010
North Dakota State University

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Uses of Ornamental Plants

1. Ornamental trees provide shade for pedestrians on hot days, decreasing the use of vehichles. On colder days, the trees bulk up and can reduce frost by retaining heat in the soil.

2. They absorb carbon dioxide from the air and output oxygen; creating cleaner air. This is especially important in cities that are prone to pollution. When used indoors, they help purify the air and create a pleasant atmosphere. The peace of lily may be an example

3. Outdoor ornamentals help beautify the lanscape and create an appealing environment. Fallen leaves make good mulch and compost.

4. They are grown for food. Some chilies are grown as ornamental plants. An example is capsicums or Doret Nag, officially the hottest chili in the world.

5.Ornamental Plants and trees planted at the sides of the roads help drivers reduce stress. It also protects drivers from severe car accidents by serving as a barrier to prevent cars from somersulting or other worse cases.

6. If a person knows how to grow ornamental plants, he or she could earn some money by selling grown ornamentals. Since ornamentals sold at green houses or garden stores can be expensive.

7.Some ornamentals can be used for medicinal purposes.Example of ornamental herbs are rosemary, mexican marigold and lemon grass.

8. Ornamental plants can brighten a yard, compliment the style of a house or buiding. Therfore incresing its worth by a percentage; making more money for the owner or potraying the owner of a high standards.

9. The foilage of evergreen Ornamental trees brightens winter landscape and affords windbreaks that save money on fuel bills.

10. Ornamental gardens provide a relaxing, protective environment which offers privacy to its users.

11. Ornamentals can be used for decorations during occations such as weddings and anniversaries. A common example is rose.

Ornamentals in a garden.

Rose used as decoration in a wedding. Ornamentals at the sides of the road.