Plant Article Ornamental Plants

By Nana Agyekum

Plant Science 211, Fall 2010
North Dakota State University

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Definition of Ornamental Plants

Plants grow all over the world in different sizes, shapes and appearance. Some provides us with food, shelter or building materials, while others provide us with only visual delight. Ornamental Plants are also referred to as garden plants has beauty as its main trait. They are usually grown in the flower garden for the display of their flowers.It is a plant primarily grown for its beauty either for screening,accent, specimen, color or aesthetic reasons. Common ornamental features include leaves, scent, fruit, stem and bark.

History of Ornamental Plants

The history of ornamental gardening started at least 4,000 years of human civilization.Egyptian tomb paintings of the 1500 BC are some of the earliest physical evidence of ornamental horticulture and landscape design.It depicts depict lotus ponds surrounded by symmetrical rows of acacias and palms.

Examples of Ornamentals

Daffodil Lilium Stagazer lily Rocky-Mountain Iris