Faraad M. Armwood

Department of Mathematics
Minard 408, PO Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108 USA
Office: 408E30
Tel: (701) 231-6951
E-mail: faraad[dot]armwood[at]ndsu[dot]edu
Off. Hours: 3pm - 3:50pm (M/F)

About Me

* Upcoming Talks : USTARS @ U of Iowa (April 3-5)

Hello! My name is Faraad Armwood and I am a geometry/topology fanatic. Above is a picture of me and my mom (hey ma!). I was born in Newark, NJ and lived there until my junior year of Highschool. After moving to Georgia to finish highschool, I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). My research area is Symplectic Topology/Geometry and my advisor is Dr. Josef Dorfmeister. Currently I'm investigating cases in which certain smooth surgeries can be done symplectically, as well as constructing surgeries smoothly, and symplectically. As of recently, I'm also looking at representations of surfaces as classes - their genus and reduction techniques. In general, my interests are in surgeries, invariants of smooth manifolds, and hamiltonian/geometric mechanics (i.e Symp/Diff/Riem geo).

My future goals are to help with academic studies in my hometown, write many books and enjoy time with friends and family . I've also become very interested in programming and would love to write made easy guides for middle and highschool students. Outside of academia, I practice and coach muay thai and boxing at the best gym in the world, Academy of Combat Arts . I'm currently taking a break from coaching, but please email me if you're interested. In my spare time I also enjoy watching videos of my three favorite mathematicians/physicists Paul Halmos, Richard Feynman and Bill Thurston.

General Interests