Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

Mathematics provides a way of thinking that plays a central role in shaping the way human beings interact with their world. Mathematics has played a central role in the development of the modern society. Mathematics continues to prove its utility with applications in a wide variety of disciplines and technologies. The Department of Mathematics at NDSU focuses on shaping undergraduate and graduate students in mathematical thinking, while providing opportunities to learn a broad range of mathematical disciplines. We are engaged in cutting-edge research that continues to advance mathematics forward. We work to engage the community through outreach activities that invite others into the world of mathematics.

Your Future Starts at NDSU

Our department offers a broad and balanced curriculum of courses.  Students may choose to major in mathematics or mathematics education.  Minors in related areas are encouraged.  These choices may be made immediately or deferred until the basic course work is completed.  In addition to the Bachelor of Science degree, the department offers master’s and doctorate degrees. 

You will find both challenges and opportunities in the Department of Mathematics at North Dakota State University.  Your advisor, a faculty member in the department, will provide you with information concerning courses, curricula and the many exciting and rewarding careers open to mathematics graduates.  Opportunities for paper grading and tutoring are available and allow students to deepen their understanding by assisting others in learning mathematics. 

For comments or questions, please contact our Department Chair Dr. Friedrich Littmann or call 701.231.8171

Why Choose NDSU?

Our students in the Department of Mathematics have been very successful in finding employment. Our graduates are working in a wide variety of corporations, agencies, universities, and school systems and some of our graduates have continued toward advanced degrees.  North Dakota State University is an affordable, challenging and a great place to earn an outstanding education.

Our Graduates

  • Have a reputation for excellence in their mathematical knowledge.
  • Are sought by employers because they are seen as talented, clear thinking, hardworking and reliable.
  • Go on to a variety of jobs, further studies at prestigious institutions and hold leadership roles as mathematics educators.

What We Offer

  • Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs
  • Opportunities for paid student involvement in teaching and research projects
  • Extensive access to technology in labs and classrooms
  • Regular special activities such as outreach to K-12 students and math club
  • Collaboration with many other disciplines, including sciences, engineering, and education

2023 Conference

Recent Advances in Applications of Harmonic Analysis to Convex Geometry

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