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Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics research in the department has a wide range of interests that include absolute stability, robust control, financial modeling, and mathematical biology.

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Applied Mathematics Seminar

Organizer: Dr. Indranil SenGupta (Spring) and Dr. Artem Novozhilov (Fall)
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Nikita Barabanov 
Rank: Professor
Ph.D.: University of Kiev, 1979
Applied Mathematics
Office: Minard 408E28

Research interests: Research interests of Barabanov include absolute stability, robust control, optimal estimation, pattern recognition, nonconvex optimization.

Artem Novozhilov 
Rank: Associate Professor
Ph.D.: Moscow State University of Communication Means, 2002
Mathematical Biology
Office: Minard 408E32

Research interests: The primary interests are in mathematical modeling of various evolutionary processes at all levels including development of epidemiological models that include heterogeneous structure of populations, the evolutionary consequences of the rampant horizontal gene transfer, and the mathematical analysis of the quasispecies model.

Indranil SenGupta 
Rank: Professor and Graduate Recruitment Chair
Ph.D.: Texas A&M University , 2010 
Stochastic Processes and Mathematical Finance
Office: Minard 408E12

Research interests: SenGupta's research focuses on option pricing theory of financial mathematics and financial modeling with jump processes.His research employs Lévy stochastic processes to analyse various financial situations. 

Abraham Ungar 
Rank: Professor
Ph.D.: University of Tel Aviv, 1973
Mathematical Physics 
Office: Minard 408E14 

Research Interests: Ungar published his research in seven books, which are available at the NDSU main library. It includes the study of analytic hyperbolic geometry modeled on Einstein's velocity addition law.

Research Interests: Deterministic and stochastic optimal control, feedback stabilization, differential games, Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman and Hamilton-Jacobi-Isaacs partial differential equations, curse-of-dimensionality-free numerical methods, infinite-dimensional adaptive dynamics, decision support systems. Dynamic mathematical models of bacterial growth, biotechnological production, pathogen evolution, therapy processes against various human diseases. Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics. Kinetic modeling of recovery, recrystallization, and grain growth in polycrystalline materials.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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