Undergraduate Program


Our undergraduate program focuses on providing a rigorous foundation in mathematics while offering a broad range of coursework that prepares students for work and further study in mathematics. Students build a solid foundation in both pure and applied mathematics. In addition, students often get the opportunity to work for the department as graders, tutors, and teaching assistants. The mathematics major culminates with the senior seminar project that requires students to research topics of their choice and present their work in written format, together with an oral presentation. These opportunities ensure that our students are critical thinkers, with the ability to communicate mathematics to the wider community.

Degree Programs


The Department of Mathematics offers a broad and balanced curriculum of courses leading to Baccalaureate majors and minors in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. Students interested in Mathematics Education should consult with their Major Advisor and the School of Education for professional education requirements. Special double majors with Computer Science, Physics and Statistics (including a Pre-Actuarial Science option) are also available. These double majors take advantage of the overlap of requirements with other science programs at NDSU.

While the choice of major need not be made during the freshman year, an early decision allows more flexibility in tailoring programs to individual interests. Students are highly encouraged to come in and discuss their career plans with their Undergraduate Advisor or any other Faculty member.


Mathematics Education Degree


The department also offers a mathematics education degree that prepares students for teaching mathematics in middle and high school. This joint program between the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Education provides a solid foundation in mathematics as well as a focus on critical issues in pedagogy and instruction. 

Build Experience

In addition to opportunities to work in the department, mathematics education majors also complete a semester of student teaching. The department also offers a mathematics minor, and joint degrees with computer sciences, statistics, and physics.

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