Mathematics Colloquium

The NDSU Mathematics Colloquium offers our faculty, graduate students, and visitors an opportunity to present research results and discuss the direction of their academic investigations. The Tri-College Colloquium, which occurs twice each semester, shares speakers & venues with Minnesota State University Moorhead and Concordia College.  Organizer: Josef Dorfmeister 


Mathematics Graduate Colloquium

The NDSU Mathematics Graduate Colloquium offers our graduate students an opportunity to present research results and for faculty to give expository talks on their research interests. Please see the Graduate Colloquium page for more information.


Mathematics Seminars

The NDSU Mathematics Department offers several seminars to our faculty, graduate students, and visitors. These seminars feature a wide variety of in-depth studies in particular research areas of special interest to our faculty members. Please refer to the schedule below for a more detailed information.

Algebra & Discrete Mathematics Seminar

Organizer: Dr. Jessica Striker
Seminar Information

Analysis and Geometry Seminar

Organizer: Dr. María Alfonseca-Cubero 
Seminar Information

Applied Mathematics Seminar

Organizer:  Dr. Artem Novozhilov
Seminar Information

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