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Identification key to the Notodontidae occurring in the Dakotas


The remaining couplets in this portion of the notodontid key, covering the genera Schizura and Oligocentria, are taken with minor modification from Forbes 1948.  On this page there are four choices so be sure to scroll down to the end of the page.


4C1.  (4C)   Reniform spot white or surrounded by white scales.  Schizura, ipomoeae Doubleday.



4C1.'  Reniform spot absent or barely discernible.  Schizura concinna (J. E. Smith).*




4C1." Reniform spot represented by a dark bar.  (Go to 4C2).



4C1.'" Reniform spot represented by an ocellate spot or black dot.  (Go to 4C3).






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Last updated: 04/14/09

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