Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Cuculliinae: Cuculliini

Cucullia montanae Grote 1882

Common name: listed here as ‘Mountain hooded-owlet.’

Hodges #: 10201.

Identification: Rfw 19.7 mm, fw pale blue-gray with light brown near inner margin and through discal cell to outer margin and at base, pm line defined by black scales proximad and distad, hw white with fuscous marginal band. See Cucullia key.

Similar species: 10190, 10194, 10197, 10198, 10200, and 10202.

Distribution: norther Great Plains, south-westward into Rocky Mountain states.

Hosts: Larvae feed on Grindelia– gumweed and Chrysothamnus– rabbit-bush.



ND, Burleigh Co., 24- VII- 1963, coll. V. Mader.


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