Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Noctuini

Noctua pronuba (Linnaeus 1758)

Common name: Greater yellow underwing (Europe).

Hodges #: Listed here as 11012.1.

Identification: Rfw 24 mm, black marginal band of hw narrow, pro-tibia with mesal and lateral setae, labial palpi with triangular ventral tuft.

Similar species: 8878, 11012.

Distribution: Introduced into Nova Scotia in the late 1970's and spreading,  Now occurs from coast to coast in southern Canada and temperate United States. .

Hosts: Wide variety of crops and vegetables: strawberry, tomato, potato, carrot, cabbage, beet, lettuce, grape, and also grasses.  Overwinters as a partially grown larva, a larger cutworm found during mid-winter in non-cereal crop situations is very likely to be this species.


ND  Richland Co., Barney.  UV lt. trap. 
21- VI- 2001, K. Anderson, K. Gross.

Right protibia of specimen pictured above.






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