Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Noctuini

Parabagrotis exertistigma (Morrison 1874)

Common name: no accepted common name, listed here as 'Morrison's black-letter dart.'

Hodges #: 11047.

Identification: Rfw 15.64 mm, fw ground color variable, can be more pallid than specimen shown at right; costal margin usually shaded with ochre; black before and between ordinary spots, orbicular an open 'u' shape; median area darker than basal or subterminal area.  Ptagiae with a pale transverse stripe separating grayish base from black distal portion.  Frons smooth, pro-tibiae without sclerotized setae. 

Similar species: 10674, 10723, 10801, 10805, 10817, 10826, 10942, 10942.1, 10943, 10950. 10951, 10954, 11006, 11007, 11017, and 11022.

Distribution: western North America from southern Canada to northern Arizona, eastward in the north to the eastern edge of the Great Plains.

Hosts: Larvae feed on Poaceae-- grasses (Crumb 1956).


ND  Cass Co., Fargo.  UV lt. trap. 
15- VI- 1985.  G. Fauske.


Lateral view of head of P. exertistigma
showing tufting on labial palpi. 


Dorsal view of head and prothorax of P. exertistigma showing pale edged black vertex and pale transverse stripe on ptagiae.



Forewing of P. exertistigma showing 'U' shaped orbicular spot.





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