Moths of North Dakota

Crambidae: Crambinae: Crambini

Crambus ainsliellus Klots 1942

Common name: Listed here as ‘Ainslieel’s grass-veneer.’

Hodges #: 5354.

Identification: Rfw 11.5 mm, fw with silver streak broader at base than dark area above it, subterminal area below apex as dark as median area, darkest at tornus, usually with only four dark streaks; male with gnathos expanded distally and and spatulate in dorsal view; proboscis with scales at base.

Similar species: 5344, 5355, 5357, see also 5378, 3149, 3014, 3035.

Distribution: Temperate United States.

Hosts: life history is unknown, larvae probably feed on Poaceae– grasses.


moth image

ND, Richland Co., West I allotment, Sheyenne Natl. grasslands, 28- VIII- 1998, Hg/UV lt., coll. G. Fauske.


moth map

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