Moths of North Dakota

Crambidae: Crambinae: Crambini

Crambus leachellus (Zincken 1818)

Common name: listed here as ‘Leach’s grass-veneer.’

Hodges number: 5357.

Identification: Rfw 11.3 mm, fw silver stripe broader at base than dark area above it, subterminal area paler than median area, usually with five black dashes; male with gnathos slightly attenuate from base to apex.

Similar species: 5344, 5354, 5355, see also 5378, 3149, 3014, 3035.

Distribution: Southern Canada to northern Mexico.

Hosts: larvae feed on Poaceae– grasses.


moth image

ND, Richland Co., sandhills, 1- IX- 1966, coll. G. Mauston.


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