Moths of North Dakota

Saturniidae: Saturniinae: Attacini

Hyalophora cecropia (Linnaeus 1758)

Common name: Cecropia moth.

Hodges #: 7767.

Identification: Rfw 78 mm, largest North Dakotan moth, discal spots on f/hw crescent shaped, white postmedial line bordered with red distally, body red with white markings.

Similar species:  7769.

Distribution: central Canada and U. S. east of the Rockies.

Hosts: Occurs on a wide variety of deciduous trees, most commonly on Prunus– plum and Malus--  apple, Cornus– dogwood, Acer– maples, and Betula– birch.

Note: in the NDSIRC is an apparent hybrid H. cecropia X H. gloveri from Barnes Co.


moth image

OH, Fairborn, Greene Co., 5- VII- 1972, coll. B. Stiles.

larvae image

-ND, Richland Co., Sheyenne Natl. grasslands
pic. Loren Oslie.


moth map

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