Moths of North Dakota

Saturniidae: Saturniinae: Attacini

Hyalophora gloveri (Strecker 1872)

Common name: Glover’s silk moth.

Hodges #: 7769.

Identification: Rfw 63 mm, one of the largest ND moths, f/hw discal spots weakly to strongly crescentic, white postmedian line bordered outwardly with gray, median area of wing maroon.

Similar species: 7767, 7768.

Distribution: Rocky mountain states, western portion of northern Great Plains, and Canadian prairie provinces northwestward to at least central Alberta, also in northern Mexico, exact N/S limits unknown.

Hosts: Larvae feed on Shepherdia argentia (Pursh) Nutt.– Buffalo berry and further west on Elaeagnus angustifolia L.– Russian olive.

Note: This species is often, incorrectly, treated as the western subspecies of H. columbia (S. I. Smith).



moth image

ND, Williams Co., Williston. 5- VII- 1983, UV lt. trap.

larvae image

ND, Ward Co., Minot, VIII- 2001,  coll. J. Knodel, pic. J. Knodel.


moth map

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