Moths of North Dakota

Notodontidae: Notodontinae, Notodontini

Odontosa elegans (Strecker 1885)

Common name: Elegant prominent

Hodges #: 7924

Identification: Rfw 23.65 mm, with tuft at mid point along inner margin.  Wing shape is similar to some sphingids or cuculline noctuids, note family characters.    

Similar species: nothing very similar- rubbed specimens might be confused with 7922, 10190.

Distribution: southern Canada and northern and temperate United States.

Hosts: Larval feed on Poplar, Aspen and Cottonwood- Populus spp.

Note: Very similar to a few Eurasian members of the genus.


ND  Slope Co., Marmarth.  46 17 23 N Lat,
103 55 12 W Long. Hg/UV lt.  25 VII- 2004.
G. Fauske, P. Beauzay.






The long stalked Rs+M1 of the hw, visible without magnification, easily separates
rubbed specimens of this moth from similarly shaped Sphingidae or Noctuidae.

Odontosa elegans
resting on tree limb. 
Cass. Co., Fargo. pic. G. Fauske





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