Insect Ecology at NDSU The Harmon Lab


ENT 470/670 - Insect Ecology

3 cr. In this course you will learn about the fundamental concepts of ecology as they relate to insects. We will emphasize how these ecological principles help inform other aspects of applied and basic research with insects. To do this we will use the current entomological and ecological literature and we will draw on examples from a broad range of natural and managed systems.

This course will be offered again Spring 2015.

Preliminary Syllabus from Spring 2015


ENT 770 - Writing a Scientific Literature Review

3 cr. Explore how and why to create a scientific literature review in this writing intensive class. Hands-on exercises will help improve scientific writing, peer-review, and self-assessment while working throughout the semester to create your own review.

This course is currently scheduled to be offered again Spring 2016, but may change to Fall 2015.

Syllabus for Spring 2014