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The purpose of this course is to provide an in-depth, background in all areas of classic Mendelian genetics, population and evolutionary genetics, and molecular genetics. The final goal is for the student who successfully completes this course to be conversant in all of the areas of genetics and have sufficient basic knowledge to successfully move on and master advanced topics in genetics. This will be achieved by learning how geneticists solve problems and make new discoveries.

The course materials will be presented to the student in multiple formats. Lectures will be presented on most course topics. All of the course materials are available from the Course Topics WWW pages.

For several topics, you the student will be responsible to learn the basic course content. You can do this in several ways. First, you can go to the WWW site and study the materials there. You are also urged to read the textbook. Together, these sources should provide you with the necessary knowledge to solve problems. Then during the class period, the time will be used to solve problems. All students will be expected to participate in these classroom exercises.

To help you study and learn the course materials, all class topics have study questions and problems. The purpose of the study questions is to highlight the concepts and ideas that are important to a specific topic. The problems give you a chance to test your knowledge.