Honor System


Course Topics

Homework Assignments


Grade Scale
  • A = 100-90
  • B = 89-80
  • C = 79-70
  • D = 69-60
  • F = 59 and below

Course Points

  • Homework = 25%
  • Problem-based Learning Exercises = 25%
  • Exam 1 = 25%
  • Exam 2 = 25%

Homework: For each topic sections, a homework assignment will be placed on the class WWW site. You can use any source to help you complete the problems, but no duplicate answer sheets will be accepted. Do not download the questions until you told they are ready. The assignments change yearly; you don't want to complete last years assignment and loss points.

Problem-based Learning Exercises: During the semester, each of you will be given individual and group problem-based learning exercises. The goal of these exercises is for you to actively seek the information necessary to solve the problem. A number of these exercises will be performed as groups. Details of each exercise will be presented when the assignment is made.

Exams: Exams 1 and 2 will be worth 150 points. The exams will be a mixture of fill-in-the-blanks, problems, and essay questions. All exams will be cumulative, but the emphasis will be on the most recent material.