Honor System

Course Topics




Grade Scale
  • 100-90 = A
  • 89-80 = B
  • 79-70 = C
  • 69-60 = D
  • 59 - = F

Course Points

  • Mini-reviews = 25% (Due dates: February 13, April 21, 11am)
  • Group mapping assignments = 25% (Due dates:March 5, April 7, 11am)
  • Exam 1 = 25% (distributed March 5, due March 12, 11am)
  • Final Exam = 25% (distributed May 5, due Tuesday, May 12, 12pm, noon)

Group assignments: As a group member you will complete a molecular mapping and QTL analysis assignment.  Due dates: February 25, March 17.

Mini-reviews:Each student will collaborate with another student to write a review of a crop species. This review will address the history of the species from an evolutionary, agronomic, and molecular perspective.  In addition, you will prepare a review regarding the cloning and analysis of an important agronomic gene. These assignments are available on the class WWW site at: http://www.ndsu.nodak.edu/instruct/mcclean/plsc731/731g.htm. Due dates: February 13, April 21.

Exams: The mid-term and final exam will be take home exams. You can use any resource to answers the questions, but you must do all of your own work. You cannot discuss the exam with any other individual. The two exams will be worth 100 points each. Because the course builds on previous materials, the final exam will require that you understand all the course material.

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