COMM 421: History of Journalism and Mass Media
(formerly COMM 436/636)

Instructor: Ross F. Collins, North Dakota State University, Fargo.

Class Resources


Journalism history quiz: what do we know?

Journalism history quiz No. 2: what do we know?

More quizzes.

Why study history? A video.

Syllabus (pdf).

Class lecture synopses:

1991 Gulf War and censorship.
Radio/jazz journalism.
Historical interpretation.
Photography and photojournalism.
Public relations.
Muckraking and "yellow journalism."
Early photography.
U.S. Civil War.
Penny Press.
The "common man."
Partisan press.
American Revolution.

Class readings:

PowerPoint presentations.

Midterm exam review.

Final exam review.

Final Lecture.


Watergate group assignment.

Penny Press exercise.

More information:

Durham advertisement The press at last century's turn: Cultural icon, corporate behemoth, corrupted arbiter.

Journalism history research: the top five myths.

History show and tell: a picture gallery of famous journalism from 1974 to 1674.

Writing a historical research paper:

  1. Topic ideas and sources.
  2. How to write historical research.

How to read for historical research.

Writing history: what is plagiarism?

Informed consent document for oral history (interviews).

Interesting World War I illustrations.

A brief history of photography and photojournalism.

Gallery of famous photos.

Commercial and other web site resources:

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