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London: A quiz

So you think you know a lot about London. Well, here's your chance to prove it. Identify the photos of famous London sites below. Some are easy. Some aren't so easy, but should be a snap if you're as Anglophiliac as you think!

London image one.

1. Obviously a tube stop, but which one? (Hint: oldest tube stop in London.)

a. Piccadilly.

b. Warren Street.

c. Euston.

d. Baker Street.

London image two.

2. This glass ceiling reminds you of the Louvre in Paris, but it's actually part of recent remodeling to the

a. London Tower.

b. British Museum.

c. Houses of Parliament.

d. Kew Gardens.

London image three.

3. A wonderful walk along the Thames.

a. Embankment.

b. Covent Garden.

c. Chelsea.

d. Piccadilly.

London image four.

4. Dead center of London.

a. Churchill's Column.

b. Wolfe's Column.

c. Nelson's Column.

d. The Queen's Column.

London image five.

5. Gaudy tourist attraction, statue is officially called "Eros."

a. Trafalgar Square.

b. Piccadilly Circus.

c. Islington.

d. Tottenham Court.

London image six.

6.Famously survived the blitz of World War Two.

a. London Tower.

b. Houses of Parliament.

c. British Museum.

d. St. Paul's Cathedral.

London image seven.

7. Museum converted from an old power plant.

a. Tate Modern.

b. Sloane Contemporary.

c. National Gallery.

d. Royal Academy.

London image eight.

8. Site of many a bloody execution, home to the "Beefeaters."

a. National Gallery.

b. St. Paul's Cathedral.

c. London Tower.

d. Alcatraz of London.

London image nine.

9. Most tourists think it's London bridge, but it's not.

a. Tower Bridge.

b. Battersea Bridge.

c. Liverpool St. Bridge.

d. Vauxhall Bridge.

London image ten.

10. Seat of empire.

a. London tower.

b. Buckingham Palace.

c. Houses of Parliament.

d. 10 Downing Street.

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