The Gunkelman Recognition Award

The Mary McCannel Gunkelman Recognition Award was established in January 1987, by the late John L. Gunkelman and his family in memory of Mrs. Gunkelman, who was a 1942 graduate of the College of Home Economics.

The purpose of this award is to honor the late Mary McCannel Gunkelman whose life, from the time she was a student on the campus of NDSU and throughout her unselfish life as a wife, mother, and active citizen in the Fargo-Moorhead community, found greatest expression and satisfaction in her contributions in creating an atmosphere of happiness for others to enjoy.

Mary was firmly dedicated to the principle that a student would be more apt to attain his or her full potential if he or she were working and living in an enjoyable environment. She further believed that the more enjoyable the campus and programs of NDSU, the better university it would be in the future.

It is in the firm endorsement of Mary’s belief that this award was established and continues today.


2024 Gunkelman Award Winner

Jim Kirsch, NDSU research technician in animal sciences, is this year’s recipient of NDSU’s Mary McCannel Gunkelman Recognition Award. Kirsch was honored during a ceremony held Thursday, May 2 at the Harry D. McGovern Alumni Center.

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    Previous Gunkelman Award Recipients

    Congratulations to all past recipients. Thanks for your significant and unselfish contributions and helping create a happy environment for the enjoyment of NDSU students.

    2023 Recipient: Deb Hofer

    2022 Recipient: Krystal Grieger

    2021 Recipient: Susan Council

    2020 Recipient: Edward Deckard

    2019 Recipient: Meghan Yerhot

    2018 Recipient: Matthew Skoy

    2017 Recipient: Gabriel Eronmosele

    2016 Recipient: Suzan J. Wolter

    2015 Recipient: Ronda Klubben

    2014 Recipient: LaVon S. Whipple

    2013 Recipient: Kimberly Buckley 

    2012 Recipient: Noah D. McBroom  

    2011 Recipient: Christopher Suriano

    2010 Recipient: Catherine Gronland

    2009 Recipient: Theresa Anderson

    2008 Recipient: David L. Berryhill

    2007 Recipient: Jacinda L. Wollan

    2006 Recipient: James Billups

    2005 Recipient: Barbara Laschkewitsch

    2004 Recipient: Aquina Beck

    2003 Recipient: Donna J. Alby

    2002 Recipient: Oscar Blaskowski

    2001 Recipient: John Weitzel

    2000 Recipient: Karen Arnell

    1999 Recipient: Brenda Deckard

    1998 Recipient: Lisa K. Nolan

    1997 Recipient: Nick Moret

    1996 Recipient: Louise Heinz

    1995 Recipient: Carol Nelson

    1994 Recipient: Marilyn Hetland

    1993 Recipient: Nancy Stroh

    1992 Recipient: Jean M. Kelly

    1991 Recipient: Mary Poirier

    1990 Recipient: Helga Schuschke

    1989 Recipient: Joan D. Olson

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