NDSU Day of Honor

The NDSU Day of Honor commemorates the lives of NDSU faculty, staff, and current students who have passed away during the previous calendar year. The ceremony occurs annually and offers attendees closure, reverence, and a sense of community in remembering those no longer with us.

2024 Honorees

The following faculty, students, and staff were honored at the 2024 NDSU Day of Honor memorial service, held on Tuesday, February 13, 2024:

  • Grant Lebahn
  • Marillyn Nass
  • Barbara North
  • Robert Carlson
  • Larry Leistritz
  • Jeff Pfingsten
  • Carolyn Grygiel
  • Adnan Akyuz
  • Ross Allmaras
  • Lorin Dombecki
  • James Perry, Jr
  • Steve Winfrey
  • Maynard Niskanen
  • Jim Renfrew
  • James Swank, Sr
  • Lillian Cole
  • Dean Cook
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