Undergraduate Programs

The Teacher Education programs at NDSU strive to prepare teachers with the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to meet the needs of diverse students in today's classrooms.


We offer 19 degree programs including agricultural education, art, biological sciences, business, chemistry, comprehensive science, earth science, English, English/Communications, family and consumer sciences, French, health, history, mathematics, music (instrumental and/or vocal), physical education, physics, social science, and Spanish.  See the curriculum guides for more information.

Admission to the Program

All students desiring teacher certification must make formal application for admission as teacher candidates in the School of Education.  Admission to the SOE is a prerequisite to the 400-level education courses and for student teaching placement.  

Students are encouraged to submit an application for admission to the SOE upon successful completion of the introductory professional education course (EDUC 321).  Application due dates are September 15 for Spring admittance and February 15 for Fall admittance.

Click here for application materials

Undergrad Handbook


In addition to the field experiences embedded within the preparation coursework, teacher candidates have multiple opportunities to interact with students and practicing educators in local classrooms.  Some of these opportunities include AVID tutoring with West Fargo and Northern Cass school districts and with several other organizations such as West Fargo and Fargo districts' Indian Education program and Charism. 

Announcements are made through the Education Students Blackboard and professional education courses.  These experiences offer opportunities to increase teaching skills and network with local educators.

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