Ag and Biosystems Engineering Courses

ABEN 110 - Introduction to Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering - 3 Credits: Introduction to agricultural and biosystems engineering (ABEN) for students interested in pursuing the major and profession. Content emphasizes ABEN sub-disciplines through engineering problem solving and introductory design. 2 lectures. 1 laboratory. Prereq: MATH 103 or MATH 107.

ABEN 255 - Computer Aided Analysis & Design - 3 credits: Application and use of software for engineering design, analysis, and graphical communication. 2 lectures. F 

ABEN 263 - Biological Materials Processing - 3 Credits: Quantitative analysis of processing systems for food, biofuels and bioproducts using principles of mass and energy balances, fluid flow, steam properties and heat and mass transfer. 2 lectures, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: ABEN 255. Co-req: ME 221. S. Hands-on Lab Syllabus

ABEN 286 - Introduction to Controlled Environment Agriculture - 3 Credits: General principles and applications of controlled environment agriculture (CEA), including hydroponic, aeroponic, aquaponic, vertical farming, irrigation, high tunnel, low tunnel, mulches, and their management factors, such as lighting, heating, ventilation, media, nutrient, pest and smart technology. Prereq: Math 103.

ABEN 348 - Agricultural Technology Exposition - 1 Credit: Create a display of current or emerging agricultural technology and present it to stakeholders of the department and general public at the Ag Technology Expo.

ABEN 358 - Electric Energy Application in Agriculture - 3.00 credits: Basic principles of electricity, electrical wiring, electrical power distribution/services, electrical load calculations, lighting, motor and standby electric generator selection, solar and wind power principles, solid-state and electromagnetic sensors, electrical safety, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Prereq: PHYS 252. F

ABEN 377 - Numerical Modeling in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering- 3.00 credits: Numerical modeling using finite element and other techniques. Engineering applications include modeling of stress/strain, heat, and mass transfer in physical, natural resource, and biological systems such as grain and food products. 3 lectures. Prereq: MATH 266, ME 223. S

ABEN 391 - Seminar- 1.00 credits: Awareness of the availability and services of the NDSU Career Center, commercial placement agencies and internet resources; development of resume, letter of application, and other job search related communication tools

ABEN 444 - Transport Processes- 3.00 credits: Energy and mass transport principles applied to biological and environmental systems. Prereq: MATH 266 and CE 309 or ME 352. {Also offered for graduate credit - see ABEN 644.}

ABEN 452 - Bioenvironmental Systems Design - 3.00 credits: Study of psychrometrics, heat and mass transfer, and physiological requirements for livestock and bioproducts. Design of environmental modifications, livestock wastes and control systems. 3 lectures. Prereq: CE 309 or ME 350. F {Also offered for graduate credit - see ABEN 652.

ABEN 456 - Biobased Energy - 3.00 credits: Topics to be addressed include: benefits and limitations of biobased energy development; resource potential; biomass production, harvest, storage, and transportation issues; and conversion technologies (e.g. combustion, pyrolysis, gasification, starch and cellulosic ethanol production; biodiesel production; and anaerobic digestion). Prereq: Junior standing in science or engineering. {Also offered for graduate credit - see ABEN 656.}

ABEN 458 - Process Engineering for Food, Biofuels and Bioproducts - 3.00 credits: Analysis and design of processing systems to preserve, purify and/or transform biological materials and products, especially through refrigeration, freezing, sterilization, aseptic processing, dehydration, extraction, distillation and chemical reaction. 3 lectures. Prereq: Junior standing. F {Also offered for graduate credit - see ABEN 658.}

ABEN 464 - Resource Conservation and Irrigation Engineering - 4.00 credits: Engineering principles and design of systems for soil and water resource management and environmental protection. 3 lectures, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: CE 309. {Also offered for graduate credit - see ABEN 664 .}

ABEN 473 - Agricultural Power - 3.00 credits: Theory, analysis, and testing of internal combustion engines, traction, power trains, hydraulic systems, vehicle dynamics, stability, and ergonomics in tractor design. Electrical power units including motors. Alternative energy systems. 2 lectures, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: ME 350. F {Also offered for graduate credit - see ABEN 673.

ABEN 478 - Machinery Analysis & Design - 3.00 credits: Principles of design, development, and testing of agricultural machines and machine systems. Applications of computer aided design and FMEA. Prereq: ME 223. S {Also offered for graduate credit - see ABEN 678 .}

ABEN 479 - Fluid Power Systems Design - 3.00 credits: Fluid dynamics principles and fluid properties are applied to the study of function, performance, and design of system components and system for power transmission and control purposes. Prereq: ABEN 263 or CE 309 or ME 352. Cross-listed with ME. {Also offered for graduate credit - see ABEN 679.}

ABEN 482 - Instrumentation & Measurements - 3.00 credits: Application of instrumentation and sensor concepts to measurement and control of environmental, biological, and mechanical parameters. Includes sensor principles, signal conditioning, data collection, and data analysis methods. 2 lectures, 1 three-hour laboratory. Prereq: PHYS 252. S {Also offered for undergraduate credit - see ABEN 682.}

ABEN 484 - Drainage and Wetland Engineering - 3.00 credits: Drainage and wetland engineering principles, design, and water quality for agricultural and natural resources applications. Topics include soil, water, and plant relationships, water movement in soils, water quality (nitrogen and salinity), surface drainage, subsurface drainage and its modeling, and wetlands. Prereq CE 309 or SOIL 433. {Also offered for graduate credit - see ABEN 684.}

ABEN 486 - Design Project I - 2.00 credits: Capstone learning experience involving principles of design, project management, and evaluation. Student teams define a capstone project in their area of interest. 2 lecture/laboratory. Prereq: Senior standing. F

ABEN 487 - Design Project II - 2.00 credits: Continuation and completion of the capstone learning experience begun in ABEN 486. Communication in oral, written, and graphic forms is emphasized. 2 lectures/laboratories. Prereq: ABEN 486. S

ABEN 496 - Field Experience (Internship) - 1.00 credits

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