2022 PATM Salary Average

Based on the 2022 NDSU Career Outcomes Report, published May 2023

PAG Careers

Career Opportunities for Graduates in the PAG Option

The precision agriculture career is one of the fastest growing areas in agriculture today. Our first graduates have secured jobs prior to graduation with a variety of companies and job titles. As our program graduates more students, the list of employers and job titles will grow, showing the wide range of need in the market today.

Some recent PAG graduate employers:

  • Genex Cooperative
  • Wilbur-Ellis
  • Infinity Ag
  • Titan Machinery

Typical job titles include:

  • Applicator
  • Agronomy Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Venture Professional

ATM Careers

Career Opportunities for Graduates in the ATM Option

The market for Agricultural Technology Management graduates is very diverse. Many work very closely with production agriculture as: crop protection specialists, in sales of machinery, buildings, seed, fertilizer, chemicals, and feed; in marketing of machinery, grain, and food; in ag lending, banking, finance, and government program administration. Their broad background in technology, business, communications, and computers makes them ideal candidates for agribusiness positions. Others find employment as member service representatives for rural electric cooperatives or with food processing companies.

Some general employer classifications include:

  • Equipment manufacturers and retailers
  • Animal and crop production suppliers
  • Electric power suppliers
  • Federal, state, and local government soil, water, and waste management agencies
  • Food/feed/fiber/fuel manufacturers and processors
  • Seed companies

Typical job titles include:

  • Plant or Process Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Soil and Water conservationist
  • Irrigation Sales/Service Manger
  • General Manager
  • Energy Use Advisor
  • Marketing Representative
  • Sales Manager
  • Grain Merchandiser
  • Loan Officer
  • Crop Production Consultant

Career Opportunities for ATM Graduates

1. Be employed by companies and agencies providing inputs and technical services for agricultural production:

  • Territory Service Manager, John Deere Co
  • Irrigation Sales and Service, Reinke Manufacturing Co.
  • Computer Sales, Bristol Computer Co.
  • Sales Manager, Champion Landmark
  • Regional Manager of Marketing, John Deere Co.

2. Work with agribusiness companies and agencies that handle, store, process, and distribute agricultural products with foods:

  • Station Manager, Pioneer Hi-Bred International
  • Regional Sales Manager, Gilardi's Frozen Foods
  • Petroleum Sales Specialist, Cenex/Land O' Lakes
  • Grain Merchant, Hunter Grain Co.
  • Production Management, Purina Mills

3. Work with companies and agencies providing inputs and technical service to rural and urban communities and the general society:

  • Vo Ag Teacher, North Central Schools
  • Soil Conservationist, USDA-Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • Farm Appraiser, Farm Credit Service
  • Energy Advisor, Verendrye Electric Cooperative
  • Water Quality Specialist, USDA-Extension Service

4. Be self-employed; perform services as consultants, or as owners or operators of businesses:

  • Owner, Credit Management Consulting
  • Owner, Ostlie Farms
  • Owner, Hoffman Irrigation
  • Owner, Shickley Lumber Co.
  • Owner, Rust Sales
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