Rising Scholars Program

The Rising Scholars Mentoring Program is open to all NDSU undergraduate students - you can join any time! The Rising Scholars Program seeks to support students throughout their experience at NDSU. Conditionally admitted students, and any student not currently in good academic standing, are espeically encouraged to join. There is no additional cost for you to participate.

Designed to be uniquely valuable to you and work with your schedule. Meeting with a mentor is like having your own success coach. You choose the support level that works best for you to reach your academic and other personal goals. Most students meet with a mentor weekly throughout the semester, with the minimum expectation of 4 strategic sessions during the semester.

What students are saying. Participants say Rising Scholars is immediately beneficial for their semester, and that the program makes a big difference in their remaining time at NDSU – including higher GPA’s, more confidence in classes, knowledge about campus and community resources, better study skills, and better time and stress management skills.

  • "Join the Rising Scholars program and build a relationship with a mentor. My mentor has helped me in ways I couldn't imagine. I wouldn't be where I am today without my mentor."
  • "I learned more efficient ways to study and become a better student. I also learned different skills not just for academics but for social life as well that helped me in Fargo and at NDSU."
  • "The rising Scholars created an environment of enthusiasm and an opportunity of learning this semester for me."
  • "I liked how focused my mentor was on my needs, and what types of things I was going through. I wasn't judged solely based on my academic performance. Most of all, my Mentor was a person who not only guided me, but was also someone I could relate to."
  • "Do the program, it will only benefit you!"
Mission & Purpose

Rising Scholars Program seeks to support students through mentoring as they adjust to the academic rigors of college.

  • Increase confidence and ability to manage academic workload through the development of college-level study skills.
  • Identify attainable short-term and long-term goals with an action plan for academic success
  • Access and navigate available campus resources
  • Make meaningful connections at NDSU

Want to join the program and become a Rising Scholar?

It is easy to join the program any time. To let us know you want to get started just fill out the 30 second interest form, call (701) 231-5554, or email ndsu.risingscholars@ndsu.edu

Want to work as a peer mentor?

Visit our Mentor Employment Page to learn more about being a mentor or contact us at ndsu.risingscholars@ndsu.edu

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