ACE Reflection Room

The reflection room at ACE is available for students, faculty, or staff to use any time ACE is open for reflection, meditation, prayer, or quiet rejuvenation.

The use of this space requires respect of all faiths, spiritual beliefs, and practices. So that all enter these spaces with common expectations, here are guidelines to help ensure a peaceful and safe experience for all: 

  • Non-reservable. There is no formal “reservation” procedure; please respect others who may already be using the room when you arrive. NDSU recognizes that the room may be used by certain communities or individuals at specific times of the day/week on a recurring basis in order to honor reflection or prayer practices. Please limit your stay to 30 minutes if others are waiting;
  • Leave the room as you found it. All materials used during reflection or prayer must be returned to their original set up. Return any items such as rugs, mats and chairs to where you found them. You may move unused materials to the side of the room;
  • Shoes. We kindly ask for and appreciate the removal of shoes before entering the space, if you are able. This promotes cleanliness and respect of the space. There is a shoe rack inside;
  • Quiet space. Please be mindful of loud noise, including conversation, music, singing, or audible chanting;  
  • Use of electronic devices is prohibited. Please turn off phones before entering and do not text; 
  • We ask that all users of the room ensure that the room is flexible for a variety of faith, meditation or reflection practices. Any form of solicitation is prohibited andreligious iconography/pamphlets may not be left;
  • Use is restricted to the purposes of reflection, meditation, prayer, or quiet disengagement; 
  • Activities must be in compliance with Policy 153: Smoke-Free Facilities (Section 6);  
  • The university is not responsible for any personal belongings left in the room;
  • Violation of these requirements may result in restricting individuals from the spaces.

Open Hours: This reflection room is only open during ACE hours, typically Mon - Thurs 8am - 10pm and Fri 8am - 4pm, except during holidays or summer/winter break hours. ACE is closed when campus is closed due to weather.

Concerns: Any concerns regarding the use or practices of this reflection room should contact the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Compliance Office at or by calling 701-231-7708.

NDSU has several other reflection rooms, learn about other reflection spaces at NDSU with this link.

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