Academic Collegiate Enhancement (ACE) Tutoring offers free support to currently enrolled NDSU students in a variety of courses and subjects. Join a tutor in-person at the ACE center located at the NDSU Fargo campus. Online tutors also available for a limited number of classes.

Working with a peer tutor is a great way to:

  • Connect with other NDSU students who have taken and done well in courses you are currently taking.
  • Build an academic network with other students who are interested in the same courses and majors as you.
  • Support your learning by reviewing key concepts from your courses.
  • Increase your confidence in courses you are taking.
  • Reach your academic goals

ACE Tutoring Options

All in-person tutoring sessions are held in the ACE center on the NDSU Fargo campus. ACE is located in the lower level of the West Dining Center.

Individual Tutoring Appointments at ACE

Led by NDSU ACE Tutors who have successfully taken the classes, individual appointments in the ACE center are a great way to receive focused individualized support in your learning. Appointments can be made through Navigate. Use the following link to learn more about courses available and instructions about how to schedule your session: Individual Tutoring Appointments Link

Drop-In Tutoring at ACE - no appointment needed

Evening tutoring led by ACE Tutors with no appointments necessary. Join us during our popular drop-in tutoring times. Students report drop-in tutoring is a great space to connect with others, work on homework, get questions answered, and work with tutors and other students in  your classes. Bring a friend or classmate (or two)! Use the following link to learn more about drop-in tutoring courses tutor available times: Drop-In On-Campus Tutoring Link

ACE Tutors Online

Online sessions led by NDSU ACE Tutors who have successfully taken the classes. Online tutoring is a great option if you are not nearby the Fargo campus, or need to do your work remotely for any reason. Appointments can be made using Navigate. Use the following link to learn more about courses available and how to schedule your online appointment. If you don't see an online tutoring option for a class you are taking contact us for options. Individual Online Tutoring by Appointment Link

Study Groups

ACE hosts tutor facilitated small study groups for select classes each semester. Each semester we reach out directly to students who are enrolled in classes with tutor facilitated small groups available. If you are in a class you would like us to consider adding, please let us know. We would be happy to add you to the interest list and contact you if we are able to form a group for your class. Since the formation of a tutor facilitated small group for any particular class is relatively small, here are some other ideas to join a study group or get extra help in your class:

  • Study Buddies via Navigate. Use the Study Buddies feature in Navigate to join or start a study group for your course. From your Navigate app select the Study Buddies icon. Look through the list to see if there is already a study group for your class and join in - or add the class to list to start a new group.
  • Connect with other students in your class. Creating a small study group of classmates is a great way to help each other out with difficult material.
  • Reach out to the course faculty or TA, they often will have office hours or other suggestions for help and resources for students.
  • And of course, see if there are ACE tutors available for individual appointments or drop-in tutoring.

Online Tutoring 24/7

Smarthinking Online 24/7 - Available Until February 28th 2023

Enjoy free access as an NDSU student to Smarthinking, a 24/7 nationwide online tutoring service. Smarthinking has a variety of subjects avaialble at times that are convenient for you. Connect with a tutor when you need them! Use the following link to learn more about courses avialable and how to access this service: Smarthinking Online Tutoring Information Link

Tutoring FAQ's

Q: Who are the ACE peer tutors?

A: ACE Tutors are current NDSU students who have earned high grades and professor recommendations in the classes they tutor. As a tutor, they must maintain high academic achievement throughout their employment and complete rigorous training to receive certification through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).  To provide students with additional support, ACE also has a partnership with the NDSU Mathematics Department who provides graduate student tutors for MATH 98-266.  If you would like to be a tutor, please visit our Employment Page

Q: How much does tutoring cost?

A: There are no additional costs associated with tutoring at ACE, so come often and stay as long as you want! To put this into perspective, private tutoring can range from $20-$40 per hour in the FM area.

Q: Who uses ACE Tutoring?

A: Because our focus is on introductory classes, we certainly see many first- and second-year students, but we work with juniors, seniors, and graduate students too. ACE has had up to 50,00 student visits each year, making it one of the most popular on-campus resources. Additionally, we know that students who visit ACE regularly have higher GPAs than students who don't utilize tutoring, so don't be afraid to stop in. Our tutors have experience in the courses you are taking right now and look forward to visiting with you.

Q: What else can ACE help me with?

A: While ACE is well known for our tutoring, we also have quiet study rooms for individuals or groups, a computer cluster with printer, and a peer mentoring program which offers individual skill building for academic success - the Rising Scholars Program.


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