Tutoring Appointments at ACE

Appointment Scheduling Instructions:
  1. Visit our ACE Appointment Scheduling page
  2. Click on the subject you want to schedule
  3. Select the class you want help with
  4. Follow the prompts to select your appointment time

Scheduling Information:

  • Appointments are scheduled in 30-minute increments and can be scheduled back-to-back for longer sessions.
  • Appointments can be booked up totwo weeks in advance.
  • Students wanting help on the same questions can come in together.
  • At your appointment time, follow the arrows to the waiting area and have a seat. Your tutor will find you at your appointment time.

Appointment Hours: Monday-Thursday from 10am-7pm; and Friday from 10am-4pm.

Cancelling an Appointment. We know things come up, so out of courtesy please cancel your appointment so that another students can still access the tutor.

Location: ACE is located in the lower level of the West Dining Center.

Need help? Call our front desk at 701-231-8379 or email us at ndsu.ace@ndsu.edu, and we’d be happy to help you.

Requesting a Tutor. Need a tutor, but can’t find availability for one of your courses? Email ndsu.ace@ndsu.edu and let us know what you are looking for, and we will try our best to get you assistance.

Preparing for Your Tutoring Appointment

For on-campus sessions, arrive a few minutes early to ACE - located in the lower level of the West Dining Center - and follow the signs to the waiting area. Have a seat in the waiting area and your tutor will call your name at the start of your session time. Try to bring a list of questions for the tutor and all the materials you’ll need for the session (textbook, calculator, etc). When five minutes remain in your session your tutor will answer any final questions.

For all tutoring services, please remember that the goal of the session is for you to learn the material and not for the tutors to give you the answers. This is considered academic dishonesty. Learning material takes time, so be prepared to put in effort!

Tips for getting the most out of tutoring

  • Come prepared with specific questions for the tutor. This helps the tutor know where to begin the session.
  • Bring anything you might need (books, notes, calculator, etc).
  • Be prepared to learn. The tutor will not simply give you an answer.
  • Tutoring is NOT a substitute for class. Continue to attend class and actively participate.
  • Tutoring at ACE is often busiest in the evenings for drop-in tutoring. Consider scheduling an individual appointment for more focused time.
  • Tutoring will be more effective if you come regularly. Don't just come right before a test!
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