Student Projects

ADHM 155 - Apparel Construction and Fit

Student Projects

ADHM 155 Apparel Construction and Fit Students develop their knowledge of and experience with sewing and fitting techniques and trends for a particular target market.  Angela and PJ’s trousers are shown here. Check out the documentation of their process from idea to finished product by clicking on the images below.


ADHM 373 - Visual Merchandising

Final Projects

The Final Project for the Visual Merchandising and Promotion class demonstrates that students have mastered the subject matter of the class and can apply what they have learned.  Each group of students selects a focus area for the retail store they will create by drawing for their topic in class.  Students are given a situation where they are an owner, store designer, or visual merchandising executive in a new stand-alone retail store (3500 sq. ft.), located in a midsized metropolitan area.  The store’s interior is completely open and undecorated – literally a blank page for students to work with in developing their retail store concept.  Students use all of the information learned from the class as they build their store.  Presentations are made of their final projects.  Click on the examples below to see the student presentations. 


ADHM 272 - Product Development


Students in the sophomore level ADHM 272 Product Development course complete a short assignment called a Color Board.  The students chose from a list of topics they might not usually explore for products.  They find one inspiration image and build a presentation board of items and colors around that image.  Please see the student colorboards below.  Click on each image to view the full project.

ADHM 371 - Fashion Trend Forecasting

Final projects

The final project in Trend Forecasting is intended for students to apply and integrate the skills and information they have learned during the semester and create a professional Trend Forecast presentation.  Teams select a market segment to work with, select a trend to focus upon, and then carry through to research and present the forecast for the trend.  Click on the pictures below to see examples of the presentations of student projects from past semesters:


ADHM 372 - Global Retailing

Case Study Project

As group, students complete a global retailer business case project by:

  1. summarizing the history, development, and evolution of the retailer
  2. identifying the business approaches and practices that contribute to the continued success of the retailer
  3. exploring the target market
  4. evaluating the retailer’s international expansion
  5. proposing strategic recommendations for the retailer

ADHM 375 - Professional Development

Digital Portfolios

Students design and create professional digital portfolios for the Professional Development course during their Junior year.  These portfolios are helpful in securing internships and careers upon graduation.  Click on thumbnails below to view student portfolios.


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