Grant County 4-H Quiet Riot Activity Night

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Pre-registration is required by Friday, April 5, 2024. Registration fee is $6.00 per person (no refunds). For participants coming only for supper it will cost $5.00. Make checks payable to the Grant County 4-H Council. Supper will be provided and will be served from 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm MT. First session will begin at 4:30 pm MT.


Write your name by the 3 sessions that you want to attend


Jewelry Set – taught by Amanda Dahners

Create a set of earrings and 2 stack bracelets. Limit to 5 youth per session. List your requested color when signing up. Must be 8 and older.   $2.00 fee


Recycled Can Windsock– taught by Kyla Zenker

Reusable items can make a fun craft/gift. In this session you will learn how to take a tin can, old fabric scraps, twine/yarn, and paint to create a recycled can windsock to hang outside or in your bedroom.

Limited to 10 kids per session. Your child will need to bring a paint shirt and medium-sized paint brush (if you have one). Parental guidance is recommended for children 5 or under since we will be using hot glue guns.


Barnyard Crime Scene Investigation – taught by Tessa Osterbauer

Calling all good detectives to Clover Ranch!  Participants will use reasoning and investigation skills to determine who committed the crime at Clover Ranch. Participants will be encouraged to use detective skills critical thinking and process of elimination. We will evaluate hair samples, gain a greater understanding of animal diets, and will be able to identify animal hoof prints.

For ages 6-10. Class size is limited to 10.


How to Stop a Bully: Basic of karate & self-defense – Taught by Michael Schmidt

Come learn fun and useful techniques from karate. Learn to properly block when being attacked, escape chokes, bear hugs, and see demonstrations of several ways to put someone on the ground.

We will start with a fun warm up that everyone always enjoys and then move on to basic blocking. (We’re going to whack each other with pool noodles till you learn how to block).

Once you have that down, we’ll learn the choking and bear hug defenses. There will also be a demonstration on some of the cool Judo throws we teach.


Make Your Own Terrarium and Butterfly Feeder – Taught by Jen Zingg

Create your own mini ecosystem for inside your house! Terrariums allow kids to learn about ecosystems, plant care, and the water cycle. Then learn how to make a feeder to attract butterflies to your garden outdoors. Cost $5.00 per participant. Need to bring a white or clear plastic lid from a container, such as from ice cream, Cool Whip, yogurt cottage cheese, etc.


Balloon CarTaught by Jocelyn Zingg

Have fun building a balloon powered car. Limited to 5 per class and 3rd grade or older.



Dragonfly WhiskTaught by Lorele Leithold

Taking wire whisk and bending wires to make wings then adding beads.

Cost $2.00 per participant.  Age 5 and under will need help.



Let’s Go to the Moon - taught by Hope Burdolski, Gateway to Science

Let’s go to the moon! Together, we will learn all about NASA’s upcoming space exploration mission – Project Artemis.  Use a variety of supplies to create your own lunar lander to help our (marshmallow) astronauts land safely on the South Pole of the Moon!  Cost $2.00 per participant.


Basket Weaving - taught by Bethany Sauter

Learn some simple basket weaving techniques and make a fun spring basket. Must be able to use a hot glue gun with minimal adult supervision or else a parent must attend the class to assist younger students. 



Braiding Hair - taught by Amberly and Jessa Sauter

Learn how to do a French braid and a Dutch braid. Limit of 5 per session, must be over the age of 10 and already know how to do a simple 3 strand braid. 



Money Management - taught by Bethany Sauter

Practice counting money and making change. Learn about basic budgeting, debit/credit cards and writing checks.



Fishing Basics – taught by Courtney Sprenger

Learn about the best types of bait and lures to use when fishing and how to set up your fishing pole. Practice casting and reeling and learn to tie a common fishing knot.



Origami – taught by Tomomi Yamaguchi

They will learn how to fold origami animals. Limit of 5 per session, and no younger than 9 years old.


Contact Information

Contact Information

Tessa Osterbauer

Requests for accommodations related to disability should be made to the event contact person at least two weeks in advance of the event.